Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features that are missing in iPhone X

samsung galaxy note 9 features

In the absence of any evidence of which phone or better phone, we will focus on all aspects of Galaxy Note 9, which surrounds iPhone X.


galaxy note 9 style

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In case of Galaxy Note 9, the pen has a groove. With a Bluetooth connection, you can use an accessory device to control the remote control, send commands to the media player, etc.

There are rumors that Apple is developing its own iPhone style. I hope it’s as convenient as S Foam.

Battery Power:

galaxy note 9 battery

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iPhone: 2761 mAh

Galaxy Note 9: 4,000 mAh

From the first year of iPhone, Apple requires that if the battery lasts a day, it’s enough. In many cases, the iPhone does not support heavy loads, especially if the network is unstable.

As a result, iPhone users without PowerBank will not be able to travel or leave their homes for a full day.

Internal Storage:

galaxy note 9 battery

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iPhone: 64 GB/256 GB

Galaxy Note 9: 128 GB/ 512 GB + SD Card Slot

Samsung has doubled the size of Apple’s memory. But an American company can avoid it by investing more than $ 1,000 in gadgets.

Note 9 owners can use SD cards to increase the amount of memory while Apple customers can only pay. Someone can and is useful, but in reality, it is pure marketing.

External Connectivity:

galaxy note 9 connectivity

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Galaxy Note 9 connects the external display with the HDMI USB-C adapter for a few seconds. You can play a video, play a show or start a hearthstone.

Models without iPhone are so easy to get. Some adapters allow you to view images on the screen, but they are not included in the iOS device collection. For Galaxy Note 9, the adapter is added, and the phone refers to the new display as an external display, which means you can start the video and use it for other purposes.

Besides these reasons, we must also keep in mind that iPhone beat Galaxy Note 9 in the benchmark test last year.

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