How to take a Perfect Photo | 8 Reason of Blurry Photo

How to take a Perfect Photo | 8 Reason of Blurry Photo 1

It is very awkward when you take a stunning photo of someone, and it gets blur, without any reason. You didn’t know the reason why those pictures are blur. If you think that it is the fault in camera then you are wrong, it’s you! Sometimes certain things may happen which may cause this, and it makes you think that it is a problem with your camera. Here are some of the reasons why your pictures and blur and also, how you can click a perfect photo.

8 Tips for Perfect Photography

1. Image Stabilization:

Image Stabilization is a great invention of technology. The benefit of this feature that it allows you to take a shutter much slower than the usual. If you are shooting with a 200mm lens, then you have to set the shutter speed to 1/8 sec.

Image Stabilization

If you are taking a picture of static things that it will work fine, but if you are shooting a moving object then you may get a blurred photo. In this situation, you have to speed up the shutter to make it still. Also, you have to speed up the camera’s ISO sensitivity.

2. Small Lens:

If you are shooting a landscape, where you want to capture a large area, then your lens aperture must be increased.

Image Stabilization

The problem with the small aperture is that from it, it is impossible to avoid “diffraction” which make the picture blur. Many cameramen’s used aperture f/16 and f/22 which didn’t work for a wide angle. The reason behind it is that light bends on the edges on blades which didn’t allow the light to fall on the sensor which didn’t make the picture sharp and clear.

To avoid such kind of situations, professional shooters use a slightly wide aperture like f/11 which makes the picture more perfect.

3. ISO Speed

To avoid the camera shake, you will need a high ISO speed which you are holding the camera by yourself. Do you know what is ISO in photography? If not the follow this.

ISO Speed

The ISO sensibility technology is improving day by day. This latest technology allows you to shoot at high ISO which is impossible in the old techniques. But once you see the setting of ISO, you will see a lot of variation and set in it. But you have to be slightly careful with these setting because it can make your picture blur.

If you are going to shoot a JPEG picture, then this is the best thing. The reason is that camera use uses noise reduction process to reduce the appearance which seems to be the blur. To avoid such type of condition, you have to shot raw file and let the image to process later which will bring a better result.

4. Shutter Speed

shutter speed

The problem behind every blur photo is the camera shake, and it may affect the entire image. This happens because the shutter speed is too much slow. It may occur when you think that you will hold the camera tightly, but a little movement can destroy the beauty of your picture.

The question raised in many of minds is that what shutter speed we have to use? First it depends on the creativity of the picture that you wants, and secondly, the shutter speed must be higher than the focal length of the lens. For example, if you are using 200mm lens and your shutter speed is 1/250 sec or less then there is a possibility that you will get a blurry picture in the end.

5. Camera Holding

The camera holding is a technical job because the beauty of the picture depends on the cameraman. Poor holding can be a cause of a blurry photo. If you are not good enough to place a camera still then there is 90% chance that you will get a distracted photo. It might happen in every condition even if you are using high shutter speed because shutter speed will not do his job if you didn’t allow it to focus on one thing.

camera holding

The best practice to take a perfect picture is that keep the camera close to your eye, support the camera with your left hand, close your one and eye and make the camera still and let it focus on the object, and after that, you will surely get a picture that you wants. If still, this technique doesn’t do the job then don’t worry, place your fingers on the camera which will allow the better control.

If such situation appears that you may have to lean on the wall or lie on the ground with your elbows, then a tripod will be required with a high shutter speed because in low light it is impossible to hold the camera still to get a sharp photo.

6. Large Lens Aperture

If the part of the image that you have focused on is sharp and the background is blur then maybe you are shooting with the depth. This shoot can only be taken from a wide lens aperture like f/2.8, and the benefit of this aperture is that it nicely isolate the picture and make it focus on one thing.

If there is something wrong with it or you didn’t get what you want the things you have to do is to increase the aperture, which will increase the depth of the field and bring background on slightly focus. After increasing the aperture, you must also keep an eye on the shutter speed(which is discussed above) because increasing the aperture will slow down the shutter speed.

7. Clear Lens

clear lens

If the above mentions things are not happening, and still you are getting a blurred photo then it may be due to the unclean lens. Sometimes dirt and tiny water drop on your lens cause a fuzzy picture. Try to clean the lens first, but you have to be slightly careful while cleaning because a small scratch on the lens may ruin all your photography.

The things happen because photographer needs different angels and it’s common to have dirt on your camera lens.  This is not only one way of the dirty camera, greasy smears and fingermarks are also the cause of bad photography. So make your lens clean before blaming the camera or lens.

8. Bad Focus

When you buy a new camera, it comes with an autofocus mode in the settings. The autofocus mode is best to focus on one thing, but sometimes certain things happen that your autofocus did not do the job.

Bad focus

Image by ESP Photographics

For general photography, the autofocus mode is best, but if the subject is moving towards you, then it will make a blurred photo. For this, you have to choose a single point focus mode which will allow you to focus on one thing manually.

These are some of the factors which may cause a blurry photo. Take a look on these and get rid of bad photos.

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