The Irresistible Google Smart Home Features that are making People Crazy!

Google Smart Home Features

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It is absolutely great to know that you can do most of your daily home chores with your smartphone, isn’t it? Well, the era is gone when you had to come out from the comfort zone at a doorbell because now a single touch will let you know that who is outside there knocking the door and by clicking a button, the door will be opened whilst you don’t have to leave the sofa. It is quite common with all of us that we do not want to get up to turn the light or TV on while feeling cosy on a sofa and that is why Google is winning this race for making even small chores absolutely convenient for you whereas your home will also become more secure than ever.

Oh, don’t feel like it’s an imaginary world because all these are becoming so popular that people are shifting to Google Home for having smart assistance all the time. There are around 5000 devices that can be easily controlled by Google smart speakers as all you need to do is giving a command verbally and these speakers will turn your demand into an action.

TV Channels can be changed by giving a Voice Command!


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Sometimes we feel too lazy to pick the remote control of TV and we really wish to have an assistant who can do such small chores for us. Well, now Google smart speakers have revolutionized the concept of assistance because these are designed in a way that devices can be controlled by saying few words.

It is the time for couch potatoes to get excited because TV channels can be changed by just saying the channel name or number. You would surely love to say ‘Hey, Google, play BBC’ because this assistance is not only available for Android or Chromecast TV but this is also applicable for a Dish Hopper Set. So, it means that there are not certain conditions to follow while choosing Google assistance for your home.

Is the Doorbell Rang? Let your Smartphone tell you who is outside!


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Doorbells usually ring many times of the day and it is obviously not easy to check every time who is outside or to leave the bed just to open the door. The Google assistance efficiently integrates with your smartphone device by giving you notification regarding the doorbell and so, you touch the camera to know who is outside.

You may think that doorbell devices are already common, so what’s so interesting in the Google Home. Well, to use other devices, you have to come out near the device to see the picture of the person who is standing outside, however, Google lets you handle this thing by your smartphone that means there is no need to compromise on the level of convenience.

Google has taken a Step to make the Smart Bulbs Cheaper!

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The idea of smart bulbs isn’t new but this upgrade requires a little more investment due to which, the majority of the homeowners haven’t opted this idea yet. But now Google has taken the right initiative by bringing innovation to smart bulbs and by reducing the cost as well.

These smart bulbs lighten up a room by saying ‘Hey, Google, turn the lights ON’ and it follows your command within milliseconds. This is quite helpful when you wake up in the mid of night and there is darkness everywhere around you but by saying few words, the whole room lightens up within seconds.

Google Home is an Incredibly Perfect Option for Security!

Security is something that can be handled by Google home in an efficient way because now it is not easy to hack the smart speakers of Google. More on, it is not easy for intruders to identify that whether devices in the house are controlled manually or through smart assistance, so it becomes difficult for them to do any misappropriation in the house. However, it is really a difficult job for burglars to hack a Google smart home due to the unique features. In short, now people can make their place incredibly secure by getting the Google assistance.

Whenever it comes about security, the Google smart features prove incredibly effective because these are beyond the approach of intruders. Suppose, a burglar enters your home with an evil intention and the light automatically turns on, he’ll probably get scared and may prefer to run. However, it will be easy for you to catch the thief red-handed.

Google Smart Features can Control the Cameras of House!

The cameras in a house are now easier to control because all the CCTV photos and videos will be shown on your smartphone. So, keeping an eye on the security arrangement is now at your fingertips.

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